Werfen are the latest company car fleet to join Jaama’s growing portfolio of car fleet clients

Werfen are the latest company car fleet to join Jaama’s growing portfolio of car fleet clients

Werfen provides vital services through their best in class diagnostic solutions for hospitals and clinical laboratories to process patient blood samples. Through the use of their systems they are ensuring better patient care and improvements in healthcare efficiency.

A dedicated Werfen team member had managed their car fleet for over 20 years with the use of spreadsheets until retirement. Recognising the need for change, Joanne Bennicke, head of HR, took over responsibility for running their fleet and identified the enormity of the challenge and immediately understood that reams of paperwork and numerous spreadsheets stretching over decades was not the way forward.
Joanne added: ‘I needed complete visibility across all of the vehicles and drivers and a complete audit trail which is why I decided to ditch the spreadsheets and onboard a vehicle and driver asset management system.

‘We did our homework and it became clear that Jaama was the market leading provider of fleet management software. They had recently launched QuickStart which was perfect for us as it provides everything we need and more and is specifically designed for smaller fleets such as ours.’

QuickStart is ideal for the sub 100 fleets because it provides one centralised system to manage all fleet activity. Drivers have also responded well to the MyVehicleApp, a unique feature of QuickStart which allows them to upload and share vehicle inspections and report accidents 24-7, making for a safer and compliant fleet.

Joanne continued: ‘Here at Werfen we have made tremendous strides towards reducing the environmental impact our daily practices may have and fleet management is a key part of this. For the first time by using the QuickStart Reporting functionality, I can accurately record the mileages and stats from a varied fleet of hybrids, ICE and EV’s and make informed decisions as to reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

‘For a company like us moving away from the dark days of paperwork and spreadsheets, it was critical that migration to a technology solution could be effected seamlessly and I’m pleased to say that QuickStart has been universally well received, intuitive to use and the reporting functionality has opened up a new world of management information.’