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Reduce risk, time and administration with Jaama’s Licence2Check – an instant online driver licence checking service with the DVLA.

Ensure your drivers are legally licensed to drive vehicles on company business and maintain accurate records of endorsement points with our secure, simple to use service.

Fully integrated with our award-winning Key2 Vehicle and Driver management system – or as a standalone solution, Licence2Check helps you meet duty of care responsibilities.

Automate your driver licence checking

The only way you can be absolutely certain that an employee is licenced to drive a certain vehicle is to carry out regular checks against the DVLA database – Licence2Check increases business efficiencies as it provides instant real time licence checking and actively performs re-checks from then on.

Seamless licence checks against the DVLA database via Licence2Check returns details such as:

Licence status

Licence categories







Licence2Check provides:

Drivers can give consent electronically using Key2 eDeclaration

Pay per check charging makes it a cost effective solution

Gives a holistic picture of driver risk and fleet management operations

You can perform individual or batch licence checking

Complete audit trail helps towards road safety duty of care compliance

Alerts you of any licence issues uncovered from the check

Ensure your grey fleet drivers are fully licensed

Store documents against drivers, such as medical records

Secure and Reliable

Jaama is dedicated to information security and Licence2Check is fully compliant with security and data protection.

• Key2 software meets the most rigorous standards
• Complete audit trail of checks
• ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 accredited
• Active members of the ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification)
• Fully GDPR compliant

Licence Portal

Further enhance your driver licence checking with Jaama’s Licence Portal – a modern, robust online application that enables the checking of drivers’ licence information in real time.

• The dashboard is the central hub of the Licence Portal, where you can easily view a number of informative statistics relating to the status of driver records.
• Manage driver mandates and request consent – the Licence Portal utilises both paper-based mandates and electronic mandates.
• Submit licence checks
• Upload Tacho and CPC Cards

Manage by Exception

Monitor and assess your drivers’ risk with Key2 Driver Risk Management. Go above and beyond in terms of driver monitoring, assessing and risk management with our comprehensive, fully configurable tool.

Key2 provides:

Traffic light system profiling means you can quickly see at a glance which drivers are at risk.

UAT - User Acceptance testing

Key2 alerts you if drivers are high, medium or low risk by analysing data relating to their accidents, endorsements and mileage.

Operations process review

The higher the perceived liability of the driver, the more frequent their licence should be checked.

Management of project resources

Builds comprehensive profile of drivers so that an action plan can be implemented for those deemed to be at risk.

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