Maximise Efficiency with Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software should act as the hub of a wheel with the spokes being the data feeds that connects with information from numerous disparate sources.

Effectively collecting data from multiple sources enables fleet decision-makers to obtain a holistic view of all vehicles, drivers and journeys and ensures that they make informed strategic decisions.

Add in the use of smartphones, driver PDA’s and apps that give the ability for drivers to ‘self-serve’ in terms of providing data, means that the availability and volume of real-time information to fleet decision-makers is unprecedented.

The key then is for fleet decision-makers not to be burdened by the overflow of information, but to ensure their fleet management software provides meaningful information regarding the monitoring of vehicle operations and driver performance.

Good fleet management software should highlight areas that require scrutiny and provide the ability for users to drill down and quickly understand any operational inefficiencies or compliance irregularities. Having quality information at their fingertips enables businesses to reap dividends by acting quickly and making fully-informed strategic decisions.

Furthermore, with the arrival of the ‘connected car’, the post-millennium availability of data will carry on growing exponentially making a highly sophisticated, modern, online fleet management software system, such as Key2 essential.

It is therefore imperative that a fleet’s chosen software provider is fully focused on continuous product development and functionality improvements.

Automation and integration significantly reduces operating costs through having less manual intervention driven processes. In turn the management information available on every facet of fleet and driver performance has never been more detailed or more accurate.

Consequently, the technology revolution that we are witnessing enables fleet decision-makers to be more strategic than ever in their job and with less manual intervention. The result is that industry-leading fleet management software underpins what should be unprecedented levels of operational efficiency.

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