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Helping you monitor and manage your driver risk and meet your Duty of Care responsibilities

Going above and beyond in terms of driver monitoring, assessing and risk management, Key2 Driver Risk Management is a comprehensive, fully configurable risk management tool.

Risk parameters and definitions can be assigned to many areas for example:

  • Age of driver
  • Years licence held
  • Road traffic accidents (cost, frequency, blame worthy etc)
  • Endorsements
  • Business miles per annum
  • Fines
  • Corrective vision
  • Medical conditions
  • Engine size
  • MPG

The points associated to each area are totalled to produce a total risk profile score (variable risk parameters pre-set by the administrator) which is visually displayed against the driver record as a red amber or green banding with a status of low, medium, high and critical.

Notifications (email) can be scheduled (line manager, fleet manager, depot manager, internal or external etc) if a driver goes into a new banding/critical rating.  A points limit can be set to trigger different actions such as changing a drivers status from authorised to unauthorised or increase the frequency of licence checks dependant on profile score.  Training issues can be more easily identified, policy changes can be actioned or the need to lower a drivers engine size entitlement etc.

The movement along the profile points scale for each driver is contained in the audit history

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