Jaama's 'MyVehicle App' wins Best App Award in the 'Techies'

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Jaama’s ‘MyVehicle App’ has won the Best App Award in this year’s fleet industry ‘Techies’ - the annual awards that recognise the fleet industry’s technology-specific products and services across all areas of the fleet market.

Jaama continually assess the market place to ensure that it stays ahead of the game, which has led to a major expansion in ‘MyVehicle App’ functionality in 2018 with developments around defect management, driver compliance and accident management designed to reduce administration following its initial launch last year.

It was critical for Jaama to go a significant step further and drive fleet operating efficiencies and compliance by developing and launching an app whereby drivers provided information that drove data back into the fleet system triggering necessary processes such as service, maintenance and repair procedures.

Jaama launches new Earned Recognition Scheme fleet module

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Jaama has launched a new DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme module that enables commercial vehicle operators to create, store and manage compliance data.

  • The new module is also applicable to coach and bus operators
  • It has been launched following Jaama being recognised by the DVSA as a ‘validated IT supplier’ for its Key2 web-based technology.
  • Operators that use Key2 are able to send defined Earned Recognition Scheme key performance indicator information to the DVSA database every four-weeks
  • This includes data captured from walk-around vehicle inspection checks, servicing and MoT’s.

Operators adopting the Earned Recognition Scheme are less likely to get stopped for roadside inspections which will save them time and money.

Roadside checks have an impact on business efficiency because they inevitably result in delays and subsequent fines for operators missing allocated time slots with their customers. Additionally, vehicle defects found in checks can potentially result in legal action and trigger a chain reaction nightmare of a deep dive fleet audit by the DVSA.

New WLTP functionality added to Key2

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Jaama has introduced new functionality to Key2 that enables users to utilise the data available following introduction of the new vehicle emissions and MPG protocol, WLTP.

Claimed to be more representative of 'real-world' driving than the outdated NEDC vehicle testing procedure, WLTP has been billed as “the world’s toughest-ever emissions standard”.

  • WLTP test results have been applied to all new car and lighter van models (Class I up to 1305kgs) since September last year.
  • From September 1, 2018 all cars and lighter vans (Class I up to 1305kgs) must be tested under WLTP rules along with new types of heavier vans (N1 Class II 1305-1760kgs and III above 1760kgs).
  • From September 1, 2019 the rules apply to all heavier vans (N1 Class II 1305-1760kgs and III above 1760kgs).

Introduction of WLTP is much more comprehensive compared with the ‘old’ NEDC test.

As a result, Jaama which takes vehicle data feeds from automotive industry providers CAP HPI and JATO Dynamics, has added new functionality to their Key2 suite of applications to manage this data. The new functionality will enable a greater insight into vehicle emissions and MPG performance for fleet decision-makers.

Functionality enhancements take 'MyVehicle App to next level

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Jaama, the UK’s leading fleet industry asset management software system provider, has announced a host of functionality additions to its innovative smartphone ‘MyVehicle App’.
The latest generation of ‘MyVehicle App’ delivers both usability enhancements along with “look and feel” improvements, which will benefit both fleet managers and drivers.
‘MyVehicle App’ was launched last year providing company car and commercial vehicle drivers with vital fleet information. Critically, information uploaded by drivers via the app automatically updates Jaama’s multi award-winning Key2 asset management system, which in turn ‘auto triggers’ processes such as service, maintenance and repair procedures.
Jaama has a continuous programme of investment in product development that amounts to more than £2 million per year ensuring that solutions - Key2 and ‘MyVehicle App’ - remain at the cutting edge of fleet management.
‘MyVehicle App’ has already been very popular with customers, but the product continues to evolve as would be expected from Jaama and the latest developments include: