Jaama Adds New eSignature Module to Key2

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Industry-leading fleet software innovator Jaama has taken another big step towards enabling customers to have a paperless office with the launch of a new eSignature Module to complement its multi award-winning Key2 system.

The eSignature Module enables a document to be sent, signed using an electronic signature, and instantly returned back into the system. It expedites any process that requires documents to be printed, signed and then manually uploaded; new vehicle driver handovers and daily rental agreements being prime examples. Once installed and configured, Key2 eSignature can be utilised anywhere a document is generated within the system.

eSignature is the latest Key2 enhancement to be brought to market from software solutions developed through collaboration with Jaama customers.

Brian Kirby, systems director, JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions, a Key2 user since 2011, said: "We have pushed for development of eSignature and believe it is possibly the first application of electronic signatures in the fleet industry.

"We plan to initially roll out eSignature for customers’ master hire agreements and then for quote acceptance and order acceptance documents. Ultimately eSignature will be used for all documents that require a client’s signature. It is the latest initiative as we continue working towards a paperless environment."

He added: "The eSignature rule sets that we have adopted mean that where documents require multiple customer signatures they are automatically emailed to those individuals thereby reducing the administration burden for our clients."

Jaama Celebrates Record-Breaking Year

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Jaama, the UK’s leading fleet and asset management software solution provider, has reported a record year with turnover up 22% from 2017.

Jaama, which is moving into its 15th year, attributes its success to consistent year-on-year investment in Key2 which ensures the system is always at the cutting-edge of fleet and asset management.

Indeed, revenue generated from Jaama’s ever-increasing customer base enables it to continually increase its year-on-year investment programme into Key2.

Jaama customers can manage a wide spectrum of assets with Key2; last year new customers were slightly biased towards commercial vehicle operations with 63% of vehicles added being vans and HGVs. Key2 also benefits organisations operating in asset hire, vehicle hire and leasing, utilities and service industries as well as the public sector markets.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “2018 was a record-breaking year in terms of revenue generation for Jaama and notably the company recorded significant growth in the commercial vehicle management sector.

“Critically Jaama is being rewarded for its investment in Key2 which evolves alongside the requirements of its customers. Many of our new business wins are being secured as fleets ditch outdated systems from suppliers that have failed to invest in their products. Meanwhile, system enhancements - developed with customer assistance - ensure established clients remain loyal.”

Jaama's 'MyVehicle App' wins Best App Award in the 'Techies'

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Jaama’s ‘MyVehicle App’ has won the Best App Award in this year’s fleet industry ‘Techies’ - the annual awards that recognise the fleet industry’s technology-specific products and services across all areas of the fleet market.

Jaama continually assess the market place to ensure that it stays ahead of the game, which has led to a major expansion in ‘MyVehicle App’ functionality in 2018 with developments around defect management, driver compliance and accident management designed to reduce administration following its initial launch last year.

It was critical for Jaama to go a significant step further and drive fleet operating efficiencies and compliance by developing and launching an app whereby drivers provided information that drove data back into the fleet system triggering necessary processes such as service, maintenance and repair procedures.

Jaama launches new Earned Recognition Scheme fleet module

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Jaama has launched a new DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme module that enables commercial vehicle operators to create, store and manage compliance data.

- The new module is also applicable to coach and bus operators

- It has been launched following Jaama being recognised by the DVSA as a ‘validated IT supplier’ for its Key2 web-based technology.

- Operators that use Key2 are able to send defined Earned Recognition Scheme key performance indicator information to the DVSA database every four-weeks

- This includes data captured from walk-around vehicle inspection checks, servicing and MoT’s.

Operators adopting the Earned Recognition Scheme are less likely to get stopped for roadside inspections which will save them time and money.

Roadside checks have an impact on business efficiency because they inevitably result in delays and subsequent fines for operators missing allocated time slots with their customers. Additionally, vehicle defects found in checks can potentially result in legal action and trigger a chain reaction nightmare of a deep dive fleet audit by the DVSA.