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Our People

Our people are the key asset at Jaama.  The fleet, leasing and hire experience within the business is second to none and unrivalled within the software industry.

  • You need more than just a good idea to become your customers' number one choice and the key reason Jaama is successful is the attitude and approach of our employees.

    We value our employees highly as it is their expertise that enables us to exceed your expectations. Our customers tell us that the main reason they would highly recommend us is the combination of skills and in-depth industry knowledge from our people, along with their genuine desire to impress.

    Currently employing in excess of 105 people, the Jaama management team consist of:
  • Name:            Jason Francis
    Founded Jaama: 2004
    Job Title: Chief Executive
    Objective: To manage the policy, strategy and growth of Jaama
  • Name:            Martin Evans
    Joined Jaama: 2005
    Job Title: Managing Director
    Objective: To ensure that Jaama remain the number one management software choice for the fleet, rental and leasing sectors and that our business model is sustainable
    Responsible For: Jaama Ltd
  • Name:            Stuart Mills
    Joined Jaama: 2006
    Job Title: Development Director
    Objective: To provide consistently high quality ongoing product development strategy
    Responsible For: Product Development Team
  • Name:            James Thresher
    Joined Jaama: 2004
    Job Title: Director of I.T.
    Objective: Responsible for delivering IT throughout the business as well as research and development - investigating, developing and implementing new technologies to improve our products and provide increased value to our customers
    Responsible For: IT infrastructure and Research & Development teams
  • Name:            Michelle Morgan
    Joined Jaama: 2004
    Job Title: Operations Director
    Objective: Responsible for the Customer Services department, the Product Assurance team and a team of Project Managers, Consultants and Training Officers who project manage and implement new customer systems, support customers throughout the implementation cycle, business and user support and consultancy, provide training services on Jaama’s product range, best practice services to ensure that the customer’s business objectives and aspirations are achieved.
    Responsible For: Implementation Team, Customer Serices Team, Product Assurance Team

  • Name:            Vicki Mclaughlan
    Joined Jaama: 2008
    Job Title: Accountant
    Objective: To ensure the efficient and effective running of the accounts department
    Responsible For: Finance Team



  • Name:            Alex Loach
    Joined Jaama: 2016
    Job Title: Customer Services Manager
    Objective: To successfully deliver high quality technical support to our users whilst helping to define process improvements, performance measurements, customer satisfaction indicators, and most importantly improving the overall level of customer experience. 
    Responsible For: Customer Services Team



  • Name:            Martyn Large
    Joined Jaama: 2005
    Job Title: Delivery Manager
    Objective: Responsible for the team of software developers employed to manage the design, specification and development of Jaama's award winning software products 
    Responsible For: Development Team
  • Name:            Ellie Whiten
    Joined Jaama: 2004
    Job Title: Marketing Manager
    Objective: To ensure the effective communication of innovative product developments to customers, prospects and the wider fleet market through a variety of online and off line mediums
    Responsible For: Marketing Team
  • Name:            Richard Evans
    Joined Jaama: 2011
    Job Title: Head of Business Development
    Objective: To ensure that Jaama supply the best solution to meet our customers objectives 
    Responsible For: Sales Team
  • Name:            Keith Newman
    Joined Jaama: 2015
    Job Title: Implementation Services Manager
    Objective: To deliver a high quality project management and implementations service to our portfolio of customers, providing appropriate training, consultancy and project management to ensure Key2 is implemented on time and within budget. 
    Responsible For: Implementation Services Team