Why Jaama

Why Choose Jaama as your Fleet, Leasing, Rental and Driver Management Software Supplier?

Jaama's reason for existing is simple - we want to improve standards across the fleet industry by supplying the best fleet, leasing and rental management software to help you strategically manage your fleet, drive down operating costs and to ensure legislative compliance. 


Why Jaama?

We draw on our vast experience to offer fleet software and services that customers need. Our wide range of fleet software and services to the fleet industry are specifically designed to stand out from the competition by delivering against our 6 core values.

Regardless of whether you are a delegate attending a seminar or you are purchasing total contract hire software solution, our core principles remain the same.

Our Commitment

Jaama's reason for existing, and message today is simple: we are passionate about the fleet software industry and we believe it has suffered greatly in recent years from a lack of investment by fleet software suppliers. Most have used the industry to generate significant profits for their large parent companies and this has left you, the customer, with few good software alternatives to chose from. Too many suppliers today offer outdated software products which do not move our industry forward. This has, however, created a real opportunity for a new breed of company like Jaama to shake these suppliers from their complacency and make a real impact.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding products and services which standout from the crowd and each are designed to meet one or more principle requirements:

  • Saving time
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Helping to achieve best practice

Jaama's customers have one thing in common. Whilst the reasons for approaching us might vary, one thing that remains constant is their need to adapt to change. This may be due to changes in legislation, the need to control operating costs or the desire to enhance levels of customer service.

Our experience has been gained over many years, working with the industries largest and best known organisations and this places us in an excellent position to address the wide ranging and often complex requirements of vehicle fleet operators or vehicle management companies.

Success can only be achieved through total customer satisfaction which in turn can only be achieved through people who passionately believe in excellence.

Jaama - the number one choice for fleet operators, leasing, asset rental and vehicle fleet management companies.


Jaama are widely recognised in the fleet industry as leading innovators. By combining years of experience, expertise and appropriate software technology, we produce unique, innovative solutions that address the needs of our customers, and advance the pace of change in our industry.


Our products and services are competitively priced to offer unbeatable value for money, providing customers with a measurable return on their investment.


Every aspect of our business from our people, our products and our services are approached with the attitude of attaining our quality standard; designed, developed and delivered to the highest quality standard possible but with even greater achievement in mind.

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Jaama invest in people and processes to deliver a whole new service experience to customers.

Outstanding service can only be achieved through like minded people who aspire to excellence and adopt this common approach.


Each of Jaama's products and services are specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs, using the latest technology where appropriate.

Products will be right for the customer and sold with integrity.