Fleet operating cost savings are expected through improving efficiencies and administration processes as a result of ADT Fire and Security introducing a sophisticated online vehicle management system from leading software supplier Jaama.
Sunbury-on-Thames headquartered ADT Fire and Security operates a 3,000-strong fleet comprising 2,600 company cars and 400 light commercial vehicles.
The company’s five-strong fleet department led by fleet manager Tom Wiggans manages the entire operating leased fleet from cradle to grave embracing vehicle acquisition and disposal as well as in-life management.
Jaama’s Key2 Vehicle Management system has replaced an aging system fleet management software system that was supported with the use of a wide range of spreadsheet-based data.
Mr Wiggans explained: “We have already been able to reduce administration and improve efficiencies through implementation of the new system and that will help improve our fleet management processes which will ultimately drive down operating costs.
“For many years we have had to manually input significant amounts of fleet data. Introducing an online system means that vehicle and driver-related data can be inputted from numerous sources thus reducing administration and boosting our ability to identify action areas.”
A key focus for ADT Fire & Security is occupational road risk management and the introduction of Key2 with direct links to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 
(DVLA) enables efficient electronic driver licence checking to take place. The DVLA link also facilitates the online renewal of Vehicle Excuse Duty discs.
“Once again the technology, which is centrally managed by the fleet department, is driving efficiencies in crucial compliance areas,” explained Mr Wiggins.
ADT Fire and Security operates an almost exclusively Vauxhall solus fleet with only a handful of perk cars being user-chooser. 
Mr Wiggans said: “We purchase approximately 700 vehicles a year and that requires a huge amount of vehicle and driver data to be manually inputted. Now we are able to download all vehicle-related data via Key2’s link with CAP Motor Research’s New Vehicle Database.
“Similarly all service, maintenance and repair data is easily loaded and fuel card data relating to purchase and mileage information is automatically downloaded.”
He added: “System functionality enables fleet management by exception and the speedy compilation of reports that delivers huge benefits to the company in the form of budget savings.”
Jaama managing director Jason Francis said: “ADT Fire and Security has shown huge faith in the functionality of our system to be able to deliver a wide range of operational benefits to the fleet. 
“ADT Fire and Security has embraced an online fleet management solution to reap numerous benefits that are already proving to be extremely time and cost effective.”
Mr Wiggans concluded: “Key2 Vehicle Management does everything that we want and choosing an online system was crucial to improving efficiencies. Additionally, the support that we have received from Jaama has been exemplary.”