Stirling Council is one of a growing number of local authorities utilising award-winning online technology from Jaama to drive forward fleet management operating efficiencies.
The Council, which runs a fleet of some 550 vehicles comprising 200 cars, 265 light and 85 heavy commercial vehicles as well as trailers and plant and equipment, uses Jaama’s Key2 Vehicle Management software and is phasing in an increasing range of additional modules to further improve operating and administration efficiency and reporting.
Key2 software was initially introduced four years ago after Jaama won a competitive tender. 
The Council, which covers an area of 2,100 square kilometres in the heart of Scotland, north of Glasgow and Edinburgh, has also introduced Jaama’s Workshop Control modules with plans to implement Key2 Financials to boost account management and Key2 Daily Rental to improve management of 110 pool cars in the near future.
Workshop Control is used by the local authority’s external maintenance contractor to manage vehicle throughput, parts and service and repair schedules with data instantly available to Stirling Council fleet manager Gavin Hutton and his three-strong fleet team.
Historically Stirling Council outsourced management of its fleet and vehicle maintenance, but an authority decision to bring the service in-house resulted in a requirement to introduce an industry-leading fleet software system.
Mr Hutton said: “The Jaama technology met our requirements and ensures that we have all the information relating to our mixed fleet of vehicles in one place. With data instantly accessible with just a couple of clicks of a button, Key2 delivers a range of benefits such as financial control as well as administration and operating efficiency that could not be obtained via spreadsheets or other systems.
“The software is easy to use and we will phase in other modules in the future to further improve efficiencies in terms of vehicle and driver management.”
Other local authorities also using Key2 include Chelmsford Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Luton Borough Council.
Last year Jaama held a Public Sector Fleet Management Software Workshop in conjunction with Luton Borough Council to highlight the benefits of using Key2. It followed the launch of a ‘spend to save’ initiative by the company that highlighted how investment in fleet management software delivered a significant return on investment in terms of financial savings and reduced administration.
Jaama managing director Jason Francis said: “Our local authority customers such as Stirling Council are cutting fleet operating costs, improving compliance and reducing administration through the effective use of software to manage vehicles.
“We have seen significant interest from public sector organisations in our fleet management software as they realise the many benefits that could accrue from implementation
“However, many public sector fleets continue to rely on spread sheets or other means of vehicle record keeping. They also have a history of spending money on attempting to modernise outdated systems when they would reap significantly enhanced benefits by installing a new solution fit for the 21st century.”