The number of alternatively fuelled vehicles on the UK’s roads will rise in 2015 with forward-thinking corporate fleets expected to be the first to use hydrogen fuelled cars.
Toyota has already announced that its first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell car, the Mirai, will go on sale in the UK in September.
Furthermore, support for pure electric vehicles and hybrids from global car makers has now reached a crucial tipping point, with the involvement of mainstream manufacturers helping to support credibility and drive interest in the sector.
As a result, said Richard Schooling, chief executive of business mobility specialist Alphabet: “We’re already seeing momentum building, with customers likely to discuss electric vehicles with us now more than ever. In the next 12 months we can only expect this interest to continue to increase as established and challenger brands continue to introduce practical and desirable electric vehicle models. In particular, we’ll see further rapid growth in light commercial vehicles share of the electric vehicle market.”
Looking forward to demand for hydrogen fuel cell cars becoming a viable option for UK fleets, Mr Schooling said: “Not only can hydrogen powered vehicles be re-fuelled faster than electric vehicles, but the technology can also power larger, heavier commercial vehicles.”