Jaama has strengthened its senior management team as the leading fleet software management company targets UK and international growth in 2015.

Last year (2014) Jaama recorded a 17% increase in revenue as an ever-increasing number of organisations utilise web-enabled technology to manage their fleet and transport operations.

UK expansion has assisted Jaama become an international provider of asset management software systems that manage all aspects of fleet, plant, rental, leasing, maintenance and repair and a wide range of ancillary requirements.

In addition to UK market growth, which has been led by managing director Martin Evans, chief executive Jason Francis has focused on expansion in:

  • Australia, where a head office in Sydney has been established and sales of Jaama’s industry-leading Key2 Vehicle Management software have exceeded expectations
  • The United States of America, where the first systems are being delivered, the most significant into one of the country’s largest organisations
  • Europe and the Middle East, where there has been a significant increase in sales with a number of major new contracts won.

Notably, Jaama’s international growth has been driven by existing UK customers requiring fleet management software solutions to meet their overseas corporate requirements.

Key2’s multi currency and language capability works “behind the scenes” and recognises when quotes and invoices detailing fleet costs and taxes are received in a local currency and local language. The sophisticated technology automatically converts the figures and language into the base currency used by the business, which could, for example, be sterling, the euro or a local currency.

Those developments, which were designed as part of the implementation some years ago of Key2 by Merrion Fleet Management, the Republic of Ireland’s largest independent fleet management company, have seen the completion of Jaama’s European leasing system, which now enables it to target contract hire companies with a technically advanced, off-the-shelf product.

Key2 is already used by a number of leading independent UK contract hire and leasing companies including: Days Contract Hire, Fleet Hire, JCT600 Contracts and Ogilvie Fleet.

Mr Evans explained: “The UK fleet market is the most mature in the world and Jaama is not only the leading supplier in the sector, but is also the most recommended fleet management software solutions provider in the country.

“UK organisations collectively operating more than 600,000 vehicles now rely on Key2 and they recognise its class-leading functionality enables them to deliver a wealth of benefits that drives fleet operating efficiency, management and control. They want to replicate that effectiveness in other countries in which they operate and are increasingly turning to Key2.”

As a result, Key2 has been implemented into a number of organisations around the world.

Mr Francis said: “We are exploiting global opportunities. Initially it was only when our customers requested Jaama to deliver solutions in the different countries, but having seen that strategy be successful we have been pro-actively focusing on growth on the continent, the Middle East, Australasia and the United States.”

That global focus has triggered the strengthening of Jaama’s top management with the January 2015 promotion of Michelle Morgan, who joined the business a decade ago, to operations director with responsibility for customer support and implementation. Previously, implementation services manager, that position is now filled by the promotion of implementation manager Thomas Mansbridge.

Additionally, Stuart Mills, having started work with the company when it launched 10 years ago, has been promoted to development director from development manager with responsibility for Jaama’s development team and products. The new development manager is Jen Ahearn, who was previously deputy development manager and has been with Jaama for more than seven years.

The five-strong board of directors is completed by IT director James Thresher, who has also been with the company for a decade and is responsible for strategy.

Jaama has defied the recession with continual year-on-year growth and at the end of 2014 – its 10th anniversary year – employed almost 50 people and recorded annual sales approaching £5 million.

Explaining the restructure, Mr Francis said: “During 2014 we employed an additional 14 people in our UK and overseas operations. The first 10 years saw the focus almost exclusively on developing our UK business with a cautious approach into international markets.

“More recently Key2 has been in growing demand from UK-based organisations with overseas operations and that development has led to us establishing international operations to further expand our worldwide customer base. I am delighted with our success so far.”

In 2015 Jaama anticipates further growth across all sectors in which it operates – public and private sector fleets, delivering systems to medium-sized contract hire, leasing and vehicle rental businesses and plant management operations.

Mr Francis said: “Last year saw Jaama introduce significant software enhancements across electronic driver licence checking, driver risk management and plant management and our systems will continue to develop as customers are used to Jaama providing them with advanced technology that sets the standard for our industry.

“Customers want software that moves their businesses and operations forward in a practical manner so our focus is on continued innovation to ensuring they benefit from the very best software available.”