Sam Bowman has become the first employee at leading fleet and asset management software company Jaama to gain an Institute of Car Fleet Management (ICFM) qualification.
The data analyst achieved a pass with credit after completing the ICFM’s Introductory Certificate in Car Fleet Management.
Sam has worked at Jaama for eight years and started the ICFM course earlier this year to gain an even greater understanding of fleet management and the issues and challenges faced by professional transport decision-makers.
Sam, who started with Jaama as a first line support assistant progressing to a second line support assistant prior to being further promoted to a data analyst, provides support to customers to overcome complex data issues.
She said: “I’m delighted to have successfully gained an ICFM certificate. I wanted to complete the course to gain a better insight into the issues faced by fleet managers and how both Jaama and myself can help implement solutions to further deliver efficiencies to them in their day-to-day operations.
“Gaining a greater understanding of fleet operations and the issues fleet decision-makers face daily undoubtedly helps me in my job.”
Jaama marketing manager Ellie Whitten is due to complete the same course early in 2015.
Ellie said: “Over the past 10 years Jaama has established itself and its suite of Key2 Vehicle Management software solutions at the forefront of the industry. Undertaking the course has given me and Sam a greater insight into a wide range of fleet management issues. That will assist the company in the further development of software solutions.
“In the future we hope that other colleagues will put themselves through ICFM courses.”
Jaama has been a long-time supporter of the ICFM and regularly hosts its training courses.
The ICFM is the UK’s only independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the education, recognising the achievements and advancing the profession of car fleet management.
Established in 1992, the ICFM connects people involved in car fleet management, promotes excellence in car fleet management practices and delivers the industry sector’s premier education programmes. Externally accredited vocational qualifications include the Introductory Certificate, the Certificate and the Diploma in Car Fleet Management.