Average UK petrol prices have fallen by 5.48p per litre since mid-September, the biggest monthly fall since the 11.5p per litre petrol price collapse in November 2008, according to the AA’s latest monthly fuel price report. Additionally, the cost of diesel is down almost 3.4p per litre over the same period, says the motoring organisation. In the past month, the average pump price of petrol has fallen from 137.64p per litre to 132.16p, while diesel has dropped from 142.50p per litre to 139.12p. For the past month, the wholesale price of petrol has been largely at the same level as it was during December. That has brought the current pump average back to where it started the year, at around 132p a litre, says the AA. However, the AA says that the prospect of a further drop in pump prices is doubtful, with the pound losing some of its value against the dollar and a US budget agreement likely to strengthen the American currency.