Fair wear and tear charges on leased vehicles running into millions of pounds have triggered calls for a national inspection training standard. Analysis of five years’ worth of end of lease inspections on 76,000 vehicles released by Vmoves has identified £19 million worth of fair wear and tear charges at an average cost of £253 per car based on an average age profile 42 months and 51,000 miles. While the data looks very consistent, Vmoves group managing director Sandra Ogden suggests a national inspection training standard could further improve the consistency of end of life damage recharging. “The fair wear and tear standards set by the BVRLA are very clear, but we believe the consistency and quality of vehicle inspections across the industry still varies greatly,” she said. “There will always be variables such as weather and light conditions that inspectors have to contend with, but we believe the process and approach to inspections could be more consistent through improved training.” Ms Ogden is supportive of a new national training inspection standard which is being developed by ex-Johnson Vellen managing director Paul Vellen. His company’s ultimate aim is to achieve a BSi vehicle inspection standard within the next 12 months.