This will affect the following offices – Aberdeen Bournemouth, Brighton, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Edinburgh, Ipswich, Lincoln, Norwich, Oxford, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Stockton and Swansea. There will be two further sets of closures, ending in December when all local offices will finally be closed. On the final day of business, each local office will remain open to the public in line with its stated opening times. All services have already been migrated to other channels and members are advised to direct their applications through to the relevant channel (online or Post Office) ahead of the closures. Any mail or correspondence sent to the local offices will be redirected, meaning that members may experience delays if they address applications there instead of DVLA Swansea or using a Post Office. All local offices should continue to offer vehicle licensing services over the counter until the final day of business. Once the local office closes, information on DVLA services will be updated on the website and in various forms, leaflets and materials.