Jaama has seen strong growth with many companies signing up to its Key2 fleet management software over the past seven months as fleets aim to tighten up on their operational and compliance administration.

Mechanic wearing maskJaama has on-boarded new fleets to its Key2 platform totalling over 11,000 additional assets. In addition to this, there has been a significant rise in customers rolling out its MyVehicle App for commercial vehicle and grey fleet drivers since Covid-19 changed the business landscape at the end of March.

The uptake has been across the distribution, construction and local authority sectors, whilst activity in the contract hire and leasing sector has seen the procurement of new Key2 Business Solution systems.

Vehicle and driver compliance has been at the top of all fleet agendas during Covid as the majority of employees are now working remotely. The slimming down of fleet teams due to company restructures and the furlough scheme has meant that companies have heavily relied on the automation benefits of systems like Key2.

MOTs and inspections have been a major challenge during the lockdown for fleet operators on their vehicles and ancillary equipment like tail lifts and cranes. Making sure vehicles are adequately maintained and fit for purpose following months of being parked up remains an ongoing challenge

Jaama has experienced a surge in additional software user licences purchased particularly from the logistics and home delivery sectors as companies increase their workforce and vehicle numbers to cope with extra demand.

“Companies have faced many driver and vehicle challenges over the past six months, and these are likely to continue for the foreseeable future which means everybody is relying more on their fleet systems. We have seen the pandemic speed up the gestation period of adopting a new fleet management system and we are now working hard to keep up with customer demand and we always want to exceed their expectations,” explained Martin Evans, Jaama’s managing director.

Achieving a paper-free operation has been an objective for commercial operators to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid virus between driver paperwork and office-based staff. This objective has accelerated the adoption of the MyVehicle inspection App for commercial vehicle drivers which fully integrates with Key2 and enables drivers to carry out vehicle inspections and log defects via their smart phones.

Information logged on the app is transferred in real time back to the fleet team giving an immediate audit trail and alerts of vehicle problems can be acted on immediately which will reduce vehicle downtime. The upsurge in vehicle demand coupled with limited replacement vehicle availability has meant that keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum has never been so important.  The grey fleet usage of the App has also seen a third more traffic as many drivers switch from public transport to their own vehicles for company business travel.