Jaama’s Key2 asset management software platform is now the system of choice for over 30% of the FN50.

JCT Vehicle Leasing Solutions, Ogilvie Fleet and Days Fleet are just some of the long-standing leasing providers using Key2 to efficiently run their businesses.

Jaama’s headline sponsorship of FN50 has increased significance in 2023 as it celebrates its acquisition by a group of entrepreneurial investors led by Andrew Holgate.

Andrew Holgate takes over as chief executive after his investment group acquired Jaama with industry veteran Paul Waterhouse joining as CFO. Their plan is to focus on providing new investment for Jaama that will fuel exciting growth plans, but as Martin Evans, who remains as MD, said:

“The focus is very much on ‘business as usual’ but with the benefit of gaining a wealth of experience on growing businesses to help drive Jaama’s continued growth plan in the fleet software sector over the coming years.”

For Holgate it represents the end of a three-year search for the right company to invest in after being told great things about Jaama. He is very excited by Jaama’s reputation, experience and knowledge which supports an extensive and long serving customer fleet of over 1.5m vehicles.

The acquisition comes as the industry continues its move towards electric which is fuelling a resurgence in company cars and the growth of car benefit schemes like salary sacrifice. Key2 is also helping fleets manage the changing LCV and HGV landscape with gas, electric and even hydrogen vehicles now being trialled as a way of reducing transport emissions.

Leasing and rental companies, and large public fleets can rest assured that Jaama’s Key2 platform will continue to future proof their move to zero emissions.

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