There are an estimated 14 million ‘grey fleet’ vehicles in the UK, but 56% of fleet managers with colleagues who drive their own cars on business say their organisation never physically check the roadworthiness of those vehicles.
That’s one of the key findings of ‘The 2015 Lex Autolease Report on Company Motoring’, which discovered that the ‘grey’ fleet remains a major management issue for many organisations.
The report, based on research with 249 fleet managers and more than 1,000 employees, also suggests:
•More than two thirds (67%) of fleet managers with ‘grey fleet ‘drivers always check their insurance and 64% always physically check driving licences
•However, 13% never check insurance, 18% never check licences and 27% never check if the vehicle has an MoT
The report said: “The management of ‘grey fleets’ demands closer examination, not only because of the moral and legal imperative, but also to reduce the environmental impact of organisations. Salary sacrifice schemes are one way to reduce the risks associated with the ‘grey fleet’.
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