The recall on Volkswagen diesel vehicles has captivated the world’s media in recent weeks because of it’s sheer size, and the disbelief that one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers would knowingly risk it’s reputation.
Shockwaves have been felt in the financial markets and there are reports that the demise of Volkswagen could send the German economy into recession. Though as bad as the deception was, no one has died.
This is not the case with the General Motors ignition switch recall. As of 21st August 2015, 124 deaths and 273 injuries have been attributed to the faulty ignition switch fitted to a number of GM vehicles.
Reports suggests that GM knew as early as 2005 that the switches fitted to a number of vehicles were prone to moving to the Accessory or Off position while been driven. This meant the engine would stop and things like power steering, airbags and power assisted brakes would also stop working causing drivers to lose control of the vehicle.