Drivers have been urged to check their tyres regularly after more than 40% of vehicle defect-related deaths in the UK in 2013 were found to have been caused by illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres.
Indeed, a total of 2,855 casualties were caused by defective vehicles, with dangerous tyres cited as a contributory factor in 968 cases, according to figures from the Department for Transport (DfT).
Stuart Jackson, chairman of independent safety group TyreSafe, said: “The latest figures are very worrying and sadly reflect a general attitude of indifference by many drivers towards checking their tyres regularly. 
“As the only part of a car in contact with the road, it’s vital that tyres are looked after correctly and inspected regularly to ensure they will work properly in emergency situations when they are needed most.”
The release of the figures came at the start of October’s Tyre Safety Month campaign which focuses on the importance of driving on tyres with adequate tread depth. 
During the month thousands of garages and tyre retailers across the UK are offering drivers complimentary tyre safety checks in what is normally the wettest month of the year. The campaign is run by TyreSafe.