Alcolocks should be a “required fitment” in fleet vehicles and should be considered for rehabilitation, according to a new report from the Parliamentary Advisory Committee for Transport Safety (PACTS).
Its ‘Fit to Drive’ report says that alcolocks were now in widespread use across the world, and in the UK where they are fitted on National Express buses.
The report is also the latest to call on the government to introduce a reduction in the drink-drive limit from 80mg/100ml to 50mg/100ml which it says could save an estimated 25 lives and 95 serious injuries annually.
Alcohol, says the report, is the biggest reported impairment to driving, but motorists may be taking to the roads impaired without knowing it. The report examines the law as it stands, factors affecting fitness, and gaps that need to be addressed.
David Davies, executive director of PACTS said: “The government has recently published its road safety statement reaffirming its aims to reduce death and injury on the road. This report highlights where improvements are to be made and we hope that all relevant departments and agencies collaborate to act on its recommendations.”