Jaama's internet-based Key2 Vehicle Management system integrates with an organisation's own intranet to allow drivers to log-on and keep and day- by-day record of journeys, business mileage and fuel expenditure.

Jason Francis, managing director of Jaama, says: 'This method is changing attitudes and processes by getting the drivers to own the responsibility of capturing their mileage which brings a number of benefits.  'Jaama's Key2 Vehicle Management software enables companies to set their own business rules so that drivers, irrespective of whether they are at the wheel of a company-provided vehicle or use their own private car on business trips, can feed in data to meet individually set timetables.  

‘Key2 Vehicle Management has relegated the days of drivers filling in paper-based mileage logs and expense sheets on a monthly basis to the history books,’ says Mr Francis. ‘However fuel is paid for and whatever parameters are set by individual companies for capturing business mileage, the flexibility of Key2 Vehicle Management enables the accurate recording of information immediately a journey has been completed.

‘Understandably, drivers who pay for all fuel and claim back business mileage feel the pain if they miss mileage return deadlines or provide insufficient information for their expenses to be calculated and paid on time. It is important therefore that the mileage capture process eliminates the possibility for drivers to make mistakes.

Not only is our system easy to use from a driver perspective, there are also built-in validation processes to safeguard businesses against fuel fraud by checking how much fuel has been used against miles driven and vehicle tank capacity. Not only does Jaama’s system put the onus on drivers to be responsible for informing their employer of all mileage and fuel use data, but it overcomes the problem of an odometer reading being out of date as soon as it is taken.’