AS FLEETS STRUGGLE to deal with the complex task of downloading, analysing and acting upon data from digital tachographs, fleet software specialist Jaama is offering a solution.

Jaama has spent £1 m developing its Key2 Vehicle Management system, which enables the downloading and dissemination of digital tachograph data without personnel intervention to a single database for multiple use.  

Jaama MD Jason Francis said: “Historically, technology available to commercial vehicle operators to both manage regulatory requirements and reduce operating costs has lagged a long way behind other software applications.

However, systems have now caught up and Key2 Vehicle Management represents the future in the same way as digital tachographs do.”  Francis continued: “Farfrom being viewed as an enemy, digital tachographs should be embraced by operators as they will revolutionise the burden of record keeping, providing companies also invest in software technology to enable the efficient downloading and checking of data.”