Operational efficiencies and improved data visibility that will improve cost management and fleet reporting are tangible benefits achieved from Seven Asset Management introducing Jaama’s sophisticated industry-leading internet-based software system.
The Suffolk-based commercial vehicle contract hire specialist is the latest vehicle leasing provider to implement the multi-award-winning online Key2 leasing and vehicle management system.
Seven Asset Management operates a fleet of some 1,400 commercial vehicles ranging in size from light commercial vehicles to 44-tonne HGVs and including specialist tanker, crane and refrigerated vehicles and trailers incorporating various ancillary equipment.
Key2 replaced a vehicle management system that could no longer support Seven Asset Management’s dynamic customer focussed, expansion-led business model.
Steve Cole, deputy managing director of Seven Asset Management, explained: “We compiled a detailed ‘Statement of Requirements’ for the implementation of a state-of-the-art system and from the initial identification of six potential providers we selected the Jaama Key2 system as the best fit with our business.
“We made site visits and took references from existing Key2 users which was very useful as we could identify the capability of the system in their particular environments and that gave us confidence that we were making the right decision.”
Seven Asset Management’s new Key2 system provides: cradle to grave vehicle management of its commercial vehicle leased assets, online ordering, customer billing and short-term hire management.
A division of the extensive Seven Group of companies, Seven Asset Management in conjunction with Jaama developed an interface between Key2 and its existing accounts system to seamlessly move data and financial information between systems.
Mr Cole said: “The previous system had become outdated and could no longer support our business objectives. We manage the day to day business using information available from the latest technology systems available. This allows us to ensure we are delivering the highest standards of service to our customer base at the lowest overall cost
Implementation of Key2 was undertaken during the first half of 2012 and the system went fully live on October 1st with greatly improved fleet activity reports which are sent weekly to our customers.
Mr Cole said: “Visibility of information and layout makes the system very easy to use and that is essential in terms of our customer care operators and for us analysing information and compiling reports.
“We treat each vehicle as an individual profit and loss asset so recording every aspect of cost against each vehicle is vital. Key2 is therefore a major step forward from the previous system where there were limitations in identifying component costs down to the level that we can now.”
However, Seven Asset Management is not complacent and six months into operating Key2 is already working in partnership with Jaama to improve automation across a wider range of functionality.
Mr Cole said: “We are working with Jaama on developing more interfaces to further improve asset management cost control. We operate in a dynamic business sector so the greater the visibility to the levels of information then the better our decision-making processes.”
He concluded: “One of the advantages of Key2 is that the functionality continues to evolve. We continue to work closely with Jaama to further develop our system and maximise automation.”
Martin Evans, Jaama’s sales and operations director, said: “Seven Asset Management is the latest vehicle leasing company to recognise the flexibility and broad range of functionality that is included within Key2.
“We have developed a very close working relationship with the company as it seeks to further improve operating efficiencies and cost control for both itself and customers.”