Martin Evans

Hybrid working is here to stay for the majority of companies, but that can mean the driver and their vehicle becoming isolated which might compromise compliance and safety for both the employee and employer.

Fewer visits to the office from company car drivers as they continue to work from home and commercial vehicle drivers who have been working remotely since the beginning of 2020 risks compromising communication.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, Jaama has been working closely with multiple customers to roll out its MyVehicleApp to drivers of company cars, LCVs, HGVs and grey fleet to help address this issue.

Fleets are choosing to empower their drivers to conduct daily vehicle inspections, take photos of any defects, record mileages and even report accidents via their tablet or smart phone.

That way key data is recorded and electronically stored to provide a digital paper trail in the event of an issue or concern.

Vehicle and driver data is immediately downloaded in real time into Jaama’s Key2 vehicle asset management system which provides vital information for fleet managers without them receiving multiple calls from drivers.

Rolling out the app to grey fleet drivers has also empowered them to update their current car status without any paperwork headaches.

Automating daily commercial vehicle checks via the app has also reduced paperwork while enabling the workshop to schedule repairs or replacements during the next service which has kept off-road times to a minimum.