A good question to come out of The AFP Grey Fleet Management Webinar...

AFP chair Paul Hollick said a potential answer to this could be “Zero emissions pool fleets and rental vehicles are other possibilities, although again the latter is being frequently restricted by poor availability. Which option is best for your fleet will depend very much upon individual circumstances.”. 

Grey Fleet Management is an area that The AFP will spend more time and resources on going forward. A need to come out of the webinar is for a clear and robust policy that enforces minimum standards, the necessity to record driver and vehicle documentation, and the requirement to undertake driver risk assessments and training.

Jaama’s Key2 includes comprehensive grey fleet management parameters enabling fleet-decision makers to ensure all data relating to both grey fleet drivers and their vehicles is valid, up-to-date and compliant.

Managing and monitoring your grey fleet can be difficult as your duty of care responsibility is still applicable whether your fleet is leased, owned or ‘grey’.

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