Jaama Fleet Software screen showing HGV RecordIn cases like these in the current market being able to monitor, measure and manage maintenance costs is vital and with a robust fleet management system such as Key2 behind you becomes much easier. We have seen record levels of fleets on board our Key2 system during the past 18 months to better manage all aspects of their vehicle maintenance, safety, and compliance. The pandemic has certainly focused their minds more closely on all aspects of fleet operation, particularly costs and driver and vehicle optimisation.

Having all your data in one system that is updated in real time from the workshop or by drivers via an App makes SMR and cost management much easier.

Our commercial vehicle fleet operators are telling us more frequently that they are now using truck-like procedures on the light commercial vehicles such as preventative maintenance. On average, vans on fleet are getting older and are requiring more maintenance, so proactively keeping the ones you have got in A1 condition is important to keep ‘Vehicle on Road’ stats as close to 100% as possible.

Swapping your fleet around depending on age and mileage is also an option.  This will ensure you do not get vans that are being utilised more heavily than others and will help even out overall fleet wear and tear.

Our Maintenance Exchange platform also allows fleets to set scheduled and exception parameters for fleet maintenance so rogue vehicles can be identified and proactively managed. It also enables defect and regular servicing jobs to be grouped together and shared seamlessly between operators and service providers so a vehicle only visits the workshop once rather than multiple times.