Jaama is pleased to once again be a headline sponsor of the FN50. It is the one event each year which brings together the entire contact hire and leasing industry.

In the last 12 month our ties with the industry have become even greater as several new contract hire and leasing companies have on-boarded our Key2 business solution. We are proud to announce that we now work with 25% of the FN50.

In addition, we have gained an additional 15 rental and fleet customers during the past 12-18 months as car, van and trucks fleets all put compliance, cost control and remote working at the top of their agenda.

For many companies, the recent pandemic has been a time to reflect on their asset and driver management needs and plan their systems needs for the future. They recognise that having the power to collect and manipulate data on their vehicles and drivers in real time is essential for them to make more informed decisions about their business.

We are pleased that our Key2 platform is at the heart of this future planning which of course includes helping support and manage the contract hire industry’s needs every step of the way as it moves to zero emissions.

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