Fleet Industry Predictions

CONTROL is the absolute priority for fleet operators in 2007 as budgets tighten and legislation impacting on vehicle operations grips even tighter in respect of occupational road risk.   With all vehicle-related fiscal rules having an environmental focus, the ability to effectively manage journey patterns, travel times and distances is essential to achieve best practice […]

Taking out the hard work – Commercial Fleet World Dec 06

As Jason Francis managing director of Jaama puts it, analysing fleet reports by exception – whether looking at fuel use, tyre wear and tear or driver accidents – is not only crucial to improving fleet efficiency and business effectiveness, but it is essential if costs are to be kept under control in the typically budget-tightening […]

Measure Mileage to Manage Drivers

Jason Francis, managing director of fleet software specialists Jaama, said: With companies looking to practice corporate social responsibility and climate change a major concern, the efficient management of mileage is crucial to putting in place environmental programmes.   ‘Only by collating full details on all journeys and the mileages clocked up can companies start to […]

Coping with change – Fleet World December 06

Jason Francis, managing director of Jaama, says gearing up for winter motoring should be written into corporate at-work driving health and safety policies and driver handbooks as an essential part of a driver’s responsibility. ‘When handing out the policies drivers should be asked to sign a declaration that they have read and understood them so […]

Jaama’s top winter motoring tips

  • Sun glare is a major issue during the winter months – always wear sun­glasses where applicable and drive with caution.
  • Always ensure that you have wind­screen washer fluid containing the correct amount of antifreeze in it to pre­vent the liquid freezing when it comes into contact with the windscreen.
  • Ensure all windows and mirrors are clear of frost, ice, snow and condensa­tion before commencing a journey or endeavouring to move your vehicle.
  • Check your tyre pressures so that there is no extra likelihood of skidding whilst braking. Check your tyres have more than the minimum tread depths. 

Taking control of the trucks

Jason Francis, managing director of fleet software company Jaama, says: “Keeping a commercial vehicle on the road is a complex matter which requires specialist skills. A myriad of data including the monitoring of vehicle use, driver hours, laden/unladen weights and defects must be monitored and recorded. Vehicles have to be inspected as frequently as every six weeks to ensure that they remain road worthy, and, as you can imagine, the administration time required to keep things in order is immense.”

Jaama’s Expansion Plan

RISK management company Jaama has announced an expansion programme that will involve the recruitment of six new staff and a move to bigger premises. Launched two years ago, the company expects to have broken through the £1 million annual turnover mark by the end of the year.    Jaama, which employs 26 people, is looking […]

Fleet Managers reap benefits of web based IT – Winter 2006

Information Technology (IT) literate fleet decision makers are waking up to the fact that today’s hi-tech vehicle management systems can seamlessly interact with other internal and external software to dramatically improve operating effectiveness and efficiency.
Sophisticated web-based software developments mean that fleet operators no longer need to manually input every item of fleet information from a drivers name to a cars number plate and from a fuel purchase to a vehicle service.
Instead, computers using a common language, for example .NET and XML, seamlessly populate systems in real-time ensuring up-to-the-minute accurate management information, according to Jason Francis, Managing Director of fleet software and occupational road safety experts Jaama.

Maintaining Standards – Commercial Fleet World September 2006

Jason Francis, managing director of fleet software experts Jaama, told us: ‘There is a lot of debate from truck manufacturers regarding whether the AdBlue or the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) route is the best way forward to achieve the forthcoming legislation regarding emissions and Euro-IV targets. ‘The only unbiased way to decide which route is right for individual commercial vehicle operators is to do comparisons yourself.