Fleet Week 10th September 2005

Jaama launches new software

Jaama, the software and safety firm, is claiming to be the first business capable of checking driving licences online on behalf of fleet managers.

The service comes as part of the firm’s web based Fleet Assistant package. Although the DVLA does not yet provide remote access to its database of driving licences Jaama has got around the issue by revert­ing to the proven method of send­ing a CD to the DVLA with the required information on, then hav­ing the answers physically sent back.

Fleet News 18th August 2005

A NEW vehicle management system which integrates with other software systems such as telematics products is now available to fleets.The system called Key2 Vehicle Management is part of a portfolio of products from fleet software and occupational road safety specialist Jaama.

Fleet Week 10th August 2005

Jaama launches new software Jaama, the software safety specialist, has launched a new vehicle management software system called Key2. Jaama’s Key2 covers all aspects of fleet management. Key2 Management is entirely web based and it claims it is the world’s first to adopt Microsoft’s Smart Client design and industry standard XML data standards. Jason Francis, […]

Fleet News 26th July 2005

Web watch:  We review what’s hot on the ‘net’

JAAMA’S newly launched fleet software and occupational road safety specialist website opens with a pastel splash.

The homepage is very open, displaying all the contents of the site so it’s almost like a sitemap. This is not a normal approach to the layout of a homepage but it works well. A scrolling info panel explains that the site is split into three sections, Risks, Resolutions and Rewards.

Fleet News – 21st July 2005

FLEET software and road safety specialist Jaama has appointed Martin Evans to its management team. Jaama was founded a year ago by former cfc solutions boss Jason Francis, who named his new firm in honour of his old management team — Jason, Andy, Alex, Martin and Adrian.

Fleet Management June 2005

Jaama’s Jason Francis predicts a fleet software future so bright, he’s wearing shades (not pictured)

No one would argue that our lives have changed considerably during the past 10 years. Step back to 1995 and Robbie Willliams was stilll topping the charts with Take That, Diana was about to give her infamous Bashir interview and John Major won his leadership re-election battle to finally put an end to the question about the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Call me back In 1995 if you wanted to get a message to someone in a hurry you would phone them and if they weren’t available you’d leave a message. That would be that. Today you can count the ways it can be done: call their landline, call their mobile, send an email, send a text message, send an instant message or send a voicemail.

Fleet News 19th May 2005

Small Fleets Fail on Safety Checks

SMALL fleets are failing to perform the most basic of safety checks on their drivers – meaning up to a million cars used for company business are not properly monitored.

A new survey quizzed 1,300 companies with fleet sizes above five vehicles and found that at least 22% of respondents were unaware of the Health and Safety Executive’s Driving at Work guidelines. And the 78% who claim to be fully or partially aware of it are still failing to perform the most basic checks.

Fleet Week 20th April 2005

Pendragon Denies Sale of CFC Solutions

Fleet software giant CFC Solutions, has denied reports it has been put up for sale by parent firm Pendragon, the UK’s largest dealer group. When asked, CFC boss, Andy Leech, commented “There is no intention by Pendragon to sell CFC, we’ve just taken on another five developers to work on a joint project with Pinewood.”

Pinewood is a sister firm to CFC, developing and selling software for motor dealers. However, Leech added that although CFC is not up for sale now, CFC Solutions was for sale about six month ago.”Pendragon dipped a toe in the water and the business was valued at £15 million, with a couple of venture capital firms interested.”

Fleet World – March 2005

A new force in fleet

Ross Durkin talks to Jason Francis, managing director of Jaama, about the company’s plans for growth within the areas of fleet management software and fleet risk management.

While the fleet industry is far from resistant to change, it is in many respects highly conservative in nature. The industry is to a large extent governed by external forces such as Government policy. EU regulations and available technology, with many new services coming about as a result of changes in legislation, rather than from a genuine desire to improve. The recent boom in the range of services offered to organisations seeking to stay on the right side of the law as far as “Duty of Care” legislation is concerned is a prime example. It is an area that is closely linked with the fleet management software sector as the amount of data required to be held by fleets increasingly supports the purchase of specialist fleet software, in preference to a reliance on homemade systems.