Fleet World – March 2005

A new force in fleet

Ross Durkin talks to Jason Francis, managing director of Jaama, about the company’s plans for growth within the areas of fleet management software and fleet risk management.

While the fleet industry is far from resistant to change, it is in many respects highly conservative in nature. The industry is to a large extent governed by external forces such as Government policy. EU regulations and available technology, with many new services coming about as a result of changes in legislation, rather than from a genuine desire to improve. The recent boom in the range of services offered to organisations seeking to stay on the right side of the law as far as “Duty of Care” legislation is concerned is a prime example. It is an area that is closely linked with the fleet management software sector as the amount of data required to be held by fleets increasingly supports the purchase of specialist fleet software, in preference to a reliance on homemade systems.

Company Car March 2005

Technology investment needed LACK OF TECHNOLOGY investment has left the fleet industry a decade behind sectors such as banking and retail, according to software specialist Jaama. Managing director Jason Francis called fleet technology progress ‘painfully slow’. He said a desire to catch up was the catalyst for establishing Jaama, which also provides occupational road safety […]