Commercial vehicle fleet operators are seeking to drive greater efficiency and compliance by introducing cutting-edge asset management software systems, according to leading provider Jaama.
The company exhibited at the Commercial Vehicle Show for the first time this year and is now busy following up numerous business leads secured at the event, the largest and the most comprehensive road transport and logistics event held in Britain.
Numerous commercial vehicle operators continue to manage vehicles, drivers and workshops via either outdated software systems or spreadsheets, according to discussions held with stand visitors.
However, operators acknowledge that they must replace such management systems with new sophisticated 21st century software solutions to:
•Improve vehicle operating efficiency and effectiveness by driving down costs and putting a spotlight on boosting uptime
•Maximise compliance with a raft of legislation including driver licence validation and risk profiling, Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) management, vehicle defect reporting following daily walk round driver checks and Operator Licence regulations
•Deliver increased operational control of all aspects of internal workshops including in-depth performance monitoring and control overall all vehicle repair and servicing work. 
Jaama is the UK’s leading fleet industry asset management software system provider and its multi award-winning web-based vehicle and driver management solution, Key2, is the nation’s most frequently recommended technology.
Jaama, an Associate member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and a partner to the Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence scheme, is firmly focused on helping fleets achieve compliance best practice through implementation of Key2.
Cost management is also operator critical with Key2 delivering online flexibility, touch screen technology, single-source in depth management reporting and across-department integration and accessibility.
Key2 is the most advanced, flexible web-based product on the market, and with Jaama’s on-going development and investment the system is at the forefront of innovative management for commercial vehicle operators.
The functionally rich system enables reports to be produced, saved, scheduled and distributed, enabling operators to manage by exception and make strategic business decisions. 
Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “We received Key2 inquiries at the Show from operators managing several thousand vehicles to those running only a handful. However, the common theme among them all was that they wanted to modernise the methods they currently used.
“Some transport managers continue to use spreadsheets, while others use outdated software systems that have been updated with a variety of bolt-on solutions to the point where they are no longer fit for purpose.”
UK organisations collectively operating more than 700,000 light and heavy commercial vehicles, plant assets and cars already use Key 2 having recognised that if they ‘spend to save’ they will reap significant cost savings and administration efficiencies and meet their compliance obligations.
Mr Evans continued: “Key2 gives operators access to all information on vehicles, workshops and drivers in one central location thus improving overall business management efficiency.
“Additionally, Jaama’s focus on continually modernising Key2 and developing new modules to meet customer and compliance requirements means that fleets investing in Key2 always have the most sophisticated and latest software system at their fingertips.” 
He concluded: “The Commercial Vehicle Show was hugely successful for Jaama in terms of business leads generated and we are confident that many of the transport operators that made enquiries will soon be utilising our Key2 software system.”