The transition to electric vehicles requires a considerable investment and therefore a plan for this conversion is vital.

Making your EV fleet cost effective

Jaama has seen exponential growth in new clients adopting its Key2 software platform and particularly by fleets that are exclusively EV or with an EV bias. But why? The feedback from these new customers is universal – because Key2 is so functionally advanced, implementation becomes relatively easy and there are fewer technological distractions at a time when the fleet is undergoing evolutionary change.

As a result, the fleet manager has access to a comprehensive array of driver and vehicle information far more quickly through the Key2 system. This provides clients with a wide ranging assortment of qualitative reports and management information, ensuring the focus is on ultra-efficient fleet management. It should also be noted that this is a transition, a journey, and that any win along the way, however seemingly insignificant, moves the company closer to its net zero objective.

So by simply being able to access the system generated data on vehicle maintenance, driver management and asset utilisation, a strong and cogent argument can be made based on the cost savings and environmental benefits alone.

Whilst the fleet sector migrates en masse to a net zero fleet profile, the individual fleet manager is ideally positioned to use this key fleet data to win over internal stakeholders and smooth the path to adopting an all electric vehicle fleet. This may become more acute when larger vehicles are tackled later.