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Jaama customers are either operators of vehicles and assets or suppliers/hirers of assets/vehicle management services to operators.

Regardless of which category they belong to they work hard to meet the demands placed on them by customers, Government or the operational needs of their business.  This is where Jaama can help.

Jaama has an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation built on forging close relationships with customers.

Our customers select us upon past experience, the quality of our products and services and our standing in the industry.

Whether you are considering cost cutting initiatives, compliance management, rolling out an entirely new system or looking to revamp an existing infrastructure, we are able to advise how best to achieve a return on your investment.

Jaama offer a wide range of services to the industry from management tools to complete business solutions.

our clients

  • Amey

  • BTP

  • DHL

  • BCA

  • Hampshire

  • Merrion Fleet

  • ogilvie

  • Pertemps

  • PJC Plant

  • Seven Asset

  • SIG

  • Days

  • JCT600 Contracts Ltd
  • Luton
  • cape
  • speedy
  • skanska
  • city-of-london-police