Vehicle maintenance checks by drivers have become even more business critical following the Government’s decision to suspend MoT tests as a consequence of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Tips to keep your vehicle in good working order…

  • Battery health
  • Mechanic working on car– if you are not driving the vehicle, you should at least start and run the engine regularly with the air conditioning on.  Keep the engine running for a good 20 minutes to ensure the vehicle reaches its running temperature.  Don’t forget – never leave the vehicle unattended when the engine is running.  There will still be opportunist thieves around and leaving the vehicle will invalidate your insurance.
  • Tyre and wheel health – Vehicles are not designed to be stood still.  Left motionless the tyres could develop flat spots, brakes can begin to seize and discs can start to corrode.  At a minimum, drive the vehicle forward and backwards to free the brakes and change the tyre sitting position.  Tyre pressures should still be being checked and amended if not correct.
  • Fuel – Fuel doesn’t keep forever but if you use a fuel stabiliser you will be OK for up to 12 months.  Filling the tank will also extend the life of the fuel as it stops a accrual of air in the tank.
  • Oil – Starting the vehicle to enable the oil to circulate around the engine is a good idea, however if the vehicle is not going to be used for months its best to have the oil changed as used oil can harm some mechanisms if left for a considerable time.
  • Rodent and pest damage – Check your vehicle regularly (particularly the engine and wheel arches) for any signs of nesting or unwanted visitors.  Rodents can chew through wiring looms, upholstery and plastics to the cost of £000’s.
  • Exterior –  Bird poo, tree sap and dirt can all cause damage to the vehicles paintwork if left unclean.  Clean the vehicle regularly or if the vehicle is being kept outside, invest in a protective car cover.

Walk around vehicle checks and defects can be reported via Jaama’s MyVehicle App at the touch of a button.  Checklists are customisable by asset type, ensuring fleet managers receive the information that they need which may be slightly different at the moment.

Information uploaded through the app automatically updates the related vehicle, asset or driver record in Key2. Compatible with Apple and Android, MyVehicle App is free to download and is used in tandem with Key2.

For further details please call 0844 8484 333 Option 2 or request an online demo.